52 week earring challenge.

I am almost a quarter of the way through this exciting challenge. I have loved being able to take chances with new designs. I am planning on displaying all 52 pairs of earrings in January 2019 at T. Clifton Art. I have made weekly posts on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you want a sneak peek make sure you are following me. 

I will have work displayed at Art in the Loop the first weekend in April. This is a brand new show. We will be near the Ridgeway cinema in Memphis, TN.  💕

Learning curve...

I have started a brand new life as a full time jewelry maker.  It is very exciting but there are so many things to learn.  I am new to having a website so I hope you all will be patient with my progress.  I want to go live with my website this weekend, the same weekend as the Pink Palace Crafts Fair, so everything may not be as complete as I would like, but it is a start.